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We have been talking about digital transformation for a long time now, but I have not talked about my own transformation. My Digital Transformation.

I reflected and dreamt on not depending 100% on others, on the ecosystem, even on my company, even on  the unknown. I also needed to be coherent with the changes on the future that I was imagining, reading and feeling were coming. Changes that mean that we won´t necessary work in the same manner. Where we will be our own bosses. In a future where what really will matter will be the value you add to society, to the economy, to others much more than the name of a company on a card. THIS WAS MY VISION…

TO do so. I needed to start becoming someone different «A product of myself». I would never say essential,  because nobody is, but at least a reference, a pivot, a hub….

By doing so, I thought I would create a virtuous circle for me as an individual, as a profesional and I also was sure that for the company I worked in.

Companies more and more need leaders, not just followers. People who think, act, bring new ideas. Fearless to fail. Sharing their success. Individuals that become critical for the society, also become a reference and a pride for a great corporation, in a way they become a big asset. People that move other people. With passion, with feelings, even with «the heart»…

Starting this huge change I also would start learning for the future that was coming, anticipating a training … Developing new talents, capabilities, in the same way than a software release, to make sure Mosiri´ 20.30 is more powerful, reliable and open than today´s release 20.16.

So I started my path, with a clear vision. Started to read, learn, seed, share. Some plans went wrong and I learnt so much, also suffered a bit and little by little some others started to go great.

In the way, in my way, I am meeting great and I met wise people, who today are part of my life. I am more mature, calm, balanced and I can tell you more than ever that Digital is «just» an attitude. 

  • The attitude of being humble to not stop learning
  • The attitude of being brave to recognize the failure and share it as well as the success. Brave to be exposed to the world and being judged as well 
  • The attitude to know that not everybody likes us, our opinions, our «product»
  • The attitude of being ready for the blended live, open to new people, new way of doing things..
  • The attitude of being the new Leonardo, the new Renaissance people
  • The attitude of being generous to share, without waiting for anything in return
  • The attitude of being waiting for the very unexpected and ready to react 
  • The attitude of being passionate about what you do…never forget passion
  • And last but not least, the attitude of being YOURSELF. The only thing nobody else can be

I wrote a book, opened a blog and decided to share my ideas and teach, to reinvent and empower myself and move to my next level in life. This year, I have even planned to learn how to code, I am learning analytics and I am starting to design my own materials for social networks… becoming a new, yet small «maker»

I believe that for everyone of you, a moment will arrive where you need to think where you want to be and how can you get there.

If companies need to transform, fast, and now…we do too, and the sooner, the better. Digital transformation, digital disruption, future trends, robotics… it is not just a matter of companies, it is much more something that matters and affects to individuals like you and me.

Do like I am doing… Transform yourself. Be Digital. Start ASAP.

Empower yourself and your company with it.

Do it now… Digital is just an attitude… A transformational attitude…