To Be «on» not To Be

I have been enjoying my newly subscribed Netflix service, and last night I watched BlackMirror a series than gives all of us a particular view on the way we use technology, social networks…and the way that might and will change us if we do not question everything at every step.

I will like to share the thoughts I had when I watched some of the chapters.. I am still on my way

First of all, after coming from the MWC I have to say that this production shows quite a possible reality in an awesome way. It could be a Samsung or Huawei video of how we are going to live in the future…

I felt scared, completely, from the beggining to the end… Like in the Pixar movie Wall-e… I see a world that terrifies me, far away from the more human worlds I aspired to live in. I see a world full of sadness, screens all over, digital over physical and humans… Humans that become robots, instead of humans more and more humans.. a sad vision of the future, full of humans becoming monsters crazy and lonely… living in cubes doing nothing like we used to do… people under the pressure of the social networks, in which they don´t want to live but being addicted to them; people enjoying a today replaying , literally, what made them happy yesterday…

The «we» thing does not exist…»we» is nothing. We is made by each one of us, individually but it is very hard to go against others and always has been. When I was younger I was the odd one. Never smoked, never drank, did not like to go to bed late, always studied and always had to justify to others why I did things different than others.

Why is it so hard to say what we think up loud, to point the unfair and to stop following the mass? Why did good people have to justify against the others? Why do we watch the unwatched hidden on the screen world… ??

In the same way than in the movie Spotlight where everybody knew about child abuse but nobody did anything, many times this happens around us. Bad happens and good does not appear . There is a beautiful quote from Edmund Burke, «The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing» You will understand if you watch Black Mirror…

We need to socially prepare for the Digital Future and it is serious. There is already a team in Oxford with wise experts from many different fields that are analyzing the future of human race in a world of machines, AI and singularity.

But before that, each one of us, needs to be ready to think, to have its own point of view, not everybody’s, but its own. Being ready for not being malleable by the mass, the social networks, the new disorder media, to have criterium… to have a word. If we, at least, have our own filter and opinion and are brave enough to go against the mass, it won´t be all lost yet…

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